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A collaborative residency program with Lesley University designed for aspiring elementary, 中间, 高中老师. 赢得你的M.Ed. 在一年的时间里获得直接的课堂经验.


The 教学学徒计划 (TAP) is a Masters in Education Program designed for highly motivated adults who want to learn and practice successful teaching skills by immersing themselves in a full time teaching apprenticeship program.

It is our belief that true learning and growth occurs while working alongside seasoned and dedicated mentor teachers. 我们的学徒接受个性化指导, 来自导师的支持和反馈, 现场项目总监, 在贝里克的十大网投正规平台注册上,他们互相交流.

在第一个夏天, the apprentices build a solid foundation in education theories by enrolling in four graduate courses. 八月底, they join the 十大正规网投平台注册 faculty and begin applying their knowledge through supervised teaching and seminar discussions. 年内, 学徒积极参与贝里克社区:开发课程, 教学课程, 参加家长会, 并参加他们感兴趣的其他学校丰富活动, 比如教练. At 十大正规网投平台注册, apprentices are valued and contributing members of the school community.

The TAP program is open to individuals who are intellectually curious and passionate about teaching. 有学生工作经验者优先考虑,但不是必需的. 我们鼓励不同年龄、经验和背景的人申请.

*注意:这是一个不带学费的学位课程. 我们正在寻找具有以下资格的申请人:
  • 完成B级考试.S. 或B.A. 我的平均成绩是3分.0或更高
  • 立志成为一名教师
  • 专注和勤奋的职业道德




  • 为什么住院医师项目是教育硕士项目的一个很好的选择?

    A wide body of research supports the value of teacher education programs that include full time internships such as we offer at Berwick. 当然课程作业也很重要, there is nothing that can compare to the opportunity to learn from an experienced mentor every day. 贝里克的学徒制为学生提供了大量的课堂时间, and spaces to put into practice what they are learning and discussing in their courses. Teaching apprentices at Berwick are immersed full-time in our community and are viewed by colleagues and students as integral to our academic, 体育运动, 还有艺术项目.
  • 完成学业后我能获得教学执照/证书吗?

    虽然这不是一个国家批准的执照计划, 缅因州有许多获得认证的途径. 事实上, the majority of public school teachers in Maine achieved licensure through an alternative pathway. I’ll be happy to chat with you more about how to apply for licensure directly to the state.
  • 这个项目包括执照(教师资格证)吗??

    目前,贝里克的项目是不需要许可的. 我们项目的大多数学徒都希望在独立学校的环境中工作, 在不需要州执照的地方.
  • 教学学徒在完成课程后通常在哪里找到工作?

    几乎所有的毕业生都在私立学校找到了工作. 少数人选择在特许学校或非营利教育机构工作.
  • 这个项目什么时候开始和结束?

    第一个暑期课程从6月1日开始st, 该项目通常在次年夏天的7月中旬结束, but this varies depending on which courses are taken in the second summer and the dates for those.
  • 我需要多久去一次剑桥去莱斯利上课?

    第一个夏天, 四门课程中的一门是在贝里克大学开设的, 另外三个在莱斯利大学, 在校或在线(取决于课程). 一旦学年开始在贝里克当学徒, 课程要么在贝里克学院授课,要么由贝里克学院的教师授课, Lesley网站, 或者莱斯利大学的“周末密集”模式. 学徒在学年期间不需要定期往返剑桥上课.
  • 我的校内学徒生涯会是什么样的?

    The apprenticeship begins in late August with an orientation to Berwick with all new faculty, 并在六月初学年结束时结束. 学徒每年有两次实习机会, 一个是从8月到12月下旬, 另一次是从二月初到学年结束. 在每个学期, apprentices work with a faculty mentor and are deeply involved in teaching classes alongside mentor teachers. 导师支持学徒的成长, and regular observation and feedback is given by mentors as well as the program director. 在一月份, 学徒参加讲习班,为找工作做准备, 校外学校访问, 以及其他班级/老师的观察.
  • 这个项目的费用是多少?

    Costs vary slightly depending on whether courses are taken on campus at Lesley or online. 总学费在13000美元到19000美元之间.
  • 这个项目有经济资助吗?

    是的. 所有莱斯利大学的研究生, 包括合作项目的学生, 有资格获得莱斯利大学的经济资助吗. 贝里克学院目前不为这个项目提供援助或奖学金.
  • 有哪些方法来支付这个项目的费用?

    At this time, there is potential for on-campus housing for the 2022-2023 Teaching Apprentices. 由于场地有限,因此将采取先到先得的方式. Options would be to live rent-free in exchange for minimal support with dorm duty at our small dorm, 或者支付最低限度的租金来支付房子的基本费用. 学徒也经常担任我们运动项目的教练, and there are stipends given for this work that vary depending on the sport and time commitment it requires.
  • 我应该把我的申请材料寄给谁? 这个过程是怎样的?

    如果你对这个项目感兴趣或者想了解更多的信息, 联系项目总监, 阿里Vandenburgh, at avandenburgh@berwickacademy.org. 有关申请流程的更多详情, 包括申请要求和截止日期, click on the "application process" download on the 教学学徒计划 website.



在贝里克当学徒, I had the support and encouragement from my mentor teachers to 承担风险 in the classroom that gave me the resources and the confidence to succeed. 我也学到了成为学校社区一员的真正意义. 在教室里, 在田野上, 在宿舍里, I was able to get to know the students and the school in a way that solidified my love for teaching and bolstered my ability to make meaningful relationships across campus. 
莎拉 H.
For me, the 十大正规网投平台注册 教学学徒计划 was made by the school’s superlative faculty. Not only were my mentor teachers eager and well prepared to help me develop my own practice, 但其他教员也同样愿意讨论计划, 提供想法, 邀请我去上他们的课. 

The 十大正规网投平台注册 教学学徒计划 is an excellent way to gain hands-on experience in the classroom. The program allowed me to quickly build my skills as an educator under an experienced mentor and in a supportive community. 多亏了这个为期一年的项目, 我获得了硕士学位, 自信地领导自己的课堂, and am now working at a top-class school where I intend to stay for many years to come.
My year in the 教学学徒计划 at 十大正规网投平台注册 through Lesley University provided me an in-depth understanding of diverse theoretical perspectives on education, 以及在课堂上运用所学知识的实践技能. 虽然我第一年的教学充满了挑战, I love my job and know I am much more confident in my quality as a teacher than I would have been without this program.

从莱斯利大学的课程到贝里克学院令人惊叹的社区, I would absolutely not be the teacher I am today without the 教学学徒计划. 在这个项目中, I gained invaluable perspective as I was able to look through the lens of both a student and teacher, 这句话至今仍在指导着我的教学实践. Every day I looked forward to getting into the classroom where I had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing mentors who consistently pushed me to 承担风险, 是脆弱的, 并为我的学生和我自己灌输了个人成长的咒语.


十大正规网投平台注册, 坐落在波士顿以北一小时车程的80英亩的校园里, 服务550名学生, 学前班至12年级及研究生. 贝里克大学的学生来自缅因州、新罕布什尔州、马萨诸塞州和其他几个国家. 深深致力于促进美德和有用的知识的使命, 贝里克学院赋予学生创新和大胆的能力. 贝里克大学致力于培养能够自主学习的校友, 承担风险, 问一些深思熟虑的问题, 来理解和庆祝他们真实的自我.